3 Keys to Spring Cleaning Carpet


After the clutter is cleared and the toys are organized, it might be a good time to give the floors a thorough cleaning.

1.     Routine:

Carpets need to be vacuumed with some degree of regularity, so a good vacuum routine may be just as important as a good vacuum cleaner. Programable robot vacuums do not pack terrific power and suction, but their ability to be set on an automatic schedule and consistently keep the floors swept make them extremely valuable when it comes to keeping a tidy house. In my house, we use a Roomba 690 set to clean the floors automatically three times a week.

2.     Depth:

Getting the dirt out of a carpet not only keeps the home clean, it prolongs the life of your carpet. Sonic Clean, and Oreck make some fantastically efficient and powerful vacuums that do a terrific job of getting a deep clean every time. In our house, we use an Oreck Magnesium about once every week or two to get the hidden dirt that the robots can’t get.

3.     Extracting:

After vacuuming, it may be time to consider a deeper cleaning. A professional carpet cleaner, such as Pro Clean,  can perform a hot water extraction to penetrate deep into the fibers of the carpet and pull our the dirt left behind by regular vacuuming. Not only will such a cleaning get out the hidden dirt, the hot water temperature can give the carpet and fresh “set” and keep it looking newer longer. Think of your nylon or polyester carpet like a zip lock baggie. If you hold the ends and twist it, it will come untwisted as soon as you let go of the ends. But if you have a friend hit it with a blow-dryer, the baggie will stay in the twisted form.  It is also worth keeping in mind that if you’ve bought a new carpet in the last two years, almost all carpet manufacturers require your carpets be professionally cleaned by hot water extraction every 18 to 24 months to keep the warranties valid.

No matter your cleaning routine, equipment, or level of desire, spring is the perfect time to start checking items off the chore list and getting ready for the fun days of summer. 

Tiled Shower Visions - Schlüter Systems

We've been working for years with installers, homeowners, and builders creating customer showers!

 For many homeowners, the shower is a feature element in the design and function of their new home. It can be a place that shows off personal style and can provide a tranquil or stylish retreat.

Schluter Systems have made some incredible products in the past few years that have streamlined the shower installation process and taken a lot of the leaking risk out of showers. We are always excited to help customers dream up and design their personal bathroom tile expression, and Schluter adds an entire universe of possibilities to our collection of shower options.


See all possibilities here: https://www.schluter.com/schluter-us/en_US/

Mohawk Hardwood Sale - Days Floor Company

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This project submission by Rob Hunt Construction features Casa Bella tile and Solistone pebbles on the floor!

Tile and Stone Shower Products by Days Floor Company

Our History - Days Floor Company

Twenty-three years ago, Day’s Floor Company didn’t exist. We bought the business from a man named Weston Horst. He had grown a small floor-covering store on the far south side of Springfield. As a part of the sale of his business, Weston agreed to stay for a short time and offer his knowledge and expertise as a floor covering professional. During that time, we got to know him as a clever and light-hearted man, not to mention a sharp businessman. 

Last month, Weston passed away. We owe him a good deal of respect, as it was his mentorship and guidance that helped get Day’s Floor Company started. We want to honor Weston, so we try to carry on those key lessons he preached in those early days: don’t be wasteful; treat your customers with respect; be fair with everyone in your dealings.

Our goal is that all of our customers and partners get to see a glimpse of the kind of fair and honest work that Weston Horst started in his store so many years ago.

Looking to ward off wasps and other insects? Benjamin Moore Paint in stock at Days Floor Company

Check out this post by Benjamin Moore.  

Carpet Design Ideas Marshfield, MO - Day's Floor Company by Stanton Carpet - Virtual Designer

Working With Patterned Carpet: A Designer's Perspective

Flooring is the cornerstone of any design scheme. Once you decide on the carpeting or rug, then the wall color, window treatment, fabrics and furnishings can fall into place. Flooring is also an integral ingredient in setting the style of a room: Choose an animal print, like Habitat from the Atelier collection, for an exotic, sophisticated look; or Whittier from the Pacific Heights collection for a more transitional and comfortable look. What's on the floor-whether it's a solid color or an elaborate pattern-will create the mood for an entire space.

Pattern is an important consideration when choosing a carpet and there are many reasons to give it special attention. Practically speaking, it can hide a multitude of spills, spots and wear. Even a subtle pattern, created by varying textures for example, will help to conceal blemishes. Pattern adds detail to a room, whether it's geometric, floral or a simple check. It also brings character and complexity to the overall design.

 North Shore

North Shore

North Shore

Some patterns complement certain furniture styles. Geometric patterns, for example, are often used in the Art Deco style; look at Halcyon in the Wiltrex collection or Revere in the Sterling collection. A formal, traditional room will have carpeting with a classic, decorative pattern like Montpelier from the Royal Pavilion collection—such timeless designs are often similar to those found in antique Oriental and European rugs. In a room with modern furniture, carpeting will suit the look when it has clean lines and simplicity as found in North Shore from the Chesapeake collection.

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 Barrett Runner

Barrett Runner

Carpet, Tile, and Hardwood Financing Special at Day's Floor Company Marshfield, MO

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Carpet, Tile, and Hardwood Special at Days Floor Company

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